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• Knowledge

Pacific Energy Electric's owner is the fourth generation of electrical contractors in his family and has over 20 years of experience. Our electricians apply their knowledge and expertise to each project. All of our electricians are California state certified and have their California Journeyman's License. Customers benefit by having projects completed without any major problems or delays.

• Value

Pacific Energy Electric brings highly trained and knowledgeable personnel, a commitment to excellence, exceptional service and a highly competitive price to each of our projects. We strive to not only perform the highest quality of work on each job, but to do it at the lowest price possible.  

• Quality

Every job we do is another opportunity to demonstrate to our customers that excellence is our normal standard and that "just getting the job done" is not acceptable. We are never satisfied to be "second best". It is mandatory in our company that all work not only meets code, but exceeds it. All of our work will not only function exceptionally but the attention to detail, all the way down to making sure that the screws on switch plates are aligned evenly, will not go unnoticed.

• Time Management

Meeting deadlines and maximizing productivity is essential to the success of our business. Our years of experience in the industry enable us to anticipate obstacles and plan the work schedule to either eliminate delays altogether or to minimize delays.

• Reputation

Pacific Energy Electric enjoys a reputation for honesty, integrity and excellent workmanship. This is how you our customers identify us, and we are pleased to strive to build and improve upon this reputation

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